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Poker Strategy & Tips

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About Jennifer

Based in New York City, Jennifer Powers is a dynamic expert on the realm of professional poker. While she’s tried her hand at many variants of poker, her personal favorite is Texas Hold’em, as it’s easy to learn but allows for complex strategizing. 

Jennifer Powers created this blog to share advice on playing poker and shed light on the history and mystery that surround the game. Whether you’re a fresh-faced player or a seasoned professional, Jennifer hopes that you’ll enjoy her monthly coverage of all things poker!

When she’s not strategizing over a hand, Jennifer Powers is a passionate philanthropist and caring mother. Creating a better world is one of her biggest aspirations in life, and she dedicates plenty of time towards helping Ronald McDonald House Charities, offering comfort and care to the families of children with medical needs. She also volunteers with several animal charities in the Manhattan, NY area. 

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