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While Texas Hold’em is the most widely-known variant of poker, several other forms of poker exist. Each has slightly different rules, which can make learning these variants easy for those who already know how to play Hold’em. If you’re interested in branching out to a new type of card game, try one of these poker types!

Seven and Five Card Poker

There are several sub-categories of this type of poker, including standard, High-Low, Russian Roulette, and Baseball. High-Low Poker gets its name because players can win if they have either the lowest or highest hand when a showdown happens.

The Russian Roulette version of poker is meant for three to five players. Stock cards are dealt face down. Each player gets one stock card, followed by two cards that are active. One card is then laid out by the dealer so everyone can see it. Players must turn over their own cards and find a number or a suite that is the same as the card everyone can see. Matching cards are then placed in a pile with a single card.

Draw Poker

Draw Poker includes Moneyback, Jackpots, and No Vaseline. in Moneyback Poker, cards are drawn and a betting round takes place. Players take one card at a time and flip them, then bet on that particular card. The Jackpots version of the game is also known as Jacks or Better. The No Vaseline version of the game considers Kings to be wild. If the player that opens the hand doesn’t win it, the other player does and then the next round of the game is started.


In a Match Pot game, every player that loses has to put money in the pot. The amount they have to put in equals the amount that was already in it. When all losing players have put their money in the pot, the game continues with another hand. Players that are willing to stay in the game will be dealt a hand that determines the winner of the game. This involves comparing hands among players. The one with the best hand wins the pot. It is possible for there to be two winners, and if this happens, the pot is split equally between both players.